RT 100 HF

Tough drill for high-tensile materials and special alloys!

Especially wear-resistant thanks to its Signum coating.

HR 500

Power reamers for all materials from Ø3,00 to 75,00 mm

RT 100 T

Spiral-fluted deep hole drill for fast machining of up to 40xD in steel & cast-alloys.

HPC milling cutters

Near infinite tool life! Guhring’s HPC milling cutters for mould and die making –

ball nosed, torus grind or corner radius.

Powertap sortiment

Universal taps with unbeatable cost-efficient prices and maximum stock

availability for outstanding machining results.


Sophisticated drill technology!

Our variety of drills covers micro-precision drills Ø 0.1 mm to special drills of Ø 180 mm, HSS to solid carbide. 25.000 products for every application: Who offers more?



Perfect Threads!

Whether taps, fluteless taps or thread milling cutters – Guhring has the suitable threading tools for standard threads as well as special threads such as EG or form-E.






Milling Cutters

Near infinite tool life!

Guhring milling cutters for the mould and die industry, with ball-nose, Torus form or corner radius.







Gun Drills

The Drill with Universal Applications

Single and two-fluted gun drills for up to 3000mm applications.


Energy efficient and µ-accurate solutions for demanding tasks

Our PCD/CBN tool range includes standard tools as well as complex special designs such as PCD-tipped fine reaming tools or combination tools enabling different machining operations with just tool. Advantages:

– Intelligent solutions for the reduction in tool variety as well as primary and secondary times
– Highly accurate tools for µ-accurate precision machining
– Extremely efficient tools for maximum cutting data and considerably reduced machining times
– Wear-resistant tools for maximum tool life



More than Countersinking!




Hole Perfection!

Extremely high feed rates are no problem with Guhring’s Power reamers! Perfect surface quality even with interrupted cutting and in any material.



Tool Holders

From the spindle to the cutting edge

Innovations for the Metal-Cutting Industry

Tools from Ø 3mm direct hydraulic clamping
Axially and radially µ-adjustable precision clamping


The most secure
shrink fit chuck

The unique TSG 3000 temperature indicator shows whether the chuck is hot or cool.